LIT Certification

“Online education” means many different things to different people.  At LIT, using our Dynactive platform, online learning means everything.  Technically, recording a professor’s lecture and allowing students to watch that lecture “at their convenience” using the Internet is “online education.”   However, it is not a very impressive or satisfying example of what online education can and should be.  Neither is uploading a collection of PDFs.  Because we feel strongly about the opportunities real online education provides, we have developed a set of LIT Certification standards for our partners’ online programs. Our partners’ needs are diverse and these Certification levels help our partners make informed decisions on the structure and development of their content to achieve their varied learning goals.

LIT Certificate Levels

LIT has identified the following LIT Certificate Levels for online programs. Based on years of experience in online education, recent brain-based learning research and common sense, LIT’s Certification Levels focus primarily on the amount of interactivity a program provides to its user. It is through interactions of various forms that learning is maximized and reinforced. We also give particular notice to the specific subject-matter focus of those interactions.

  1. Online Program – Minimal instructional design and limited interactivity built into the content (e.g., downloadable PDFs)
  2. Video-based Online Program – Content is dominated by video presentation and limited interactivity built into content
  3. Interactive Online Program – Content is structured so that user interactivity is the focus of the content presentation
  4. Dynactified Online Program – Content is interactive in nature and subject matter specific interactions have been developed

LIT Partners with LIT Certificate Programs

The following LIT Partners have at least one LIT Certified Program that they offer to their varied target audiences. LIT’s partners focus their content on audiences as diverse as Graduate students in a nationally top-ranked accounting program, professionals looking to improve their performance and life satisfaction, people interested in flying drones for fun or as a career, individuals looking to become private pilots, individuals and businesses looking to master the complex world of selling on Amazon’s marketplace, physical fitness trainers and workers who need annual OSHA training, or individuals hoping to join the workforce as a certified medical coder.

  1. 3 Gaps
  2. BYU Business School
  3. CareerWize
  4. FlyingIQ
  5. Inside Sales
  6. Learning U
  7. Marketplace University
  8. MedCast Specialists
  9. NAFC
  10. Online Market Revolution
  11. PlantCTO Solutions
  12. Prism Partners
  13. People Acuity, a Strengths Strategy Company
  14. Spectaculair Interactive

How to become LIT Certified

LIT partners can request an evaluation of their online programs for possible LIT Certification.  LIT’s instructional design team and 3rd party advisors evaluate partner’s programs and determine the appropriate LIT Certification Level for the program as evaluated. Where possible, suggestions are provided to improve the interactive nature of the program, which might lead to a higher LIT Certification level.

LIT Annual Awards

Each year, LIT recognized the client who has developed the most “Dynactified” program(s). Previous winners:

  1. 2016 3Gaps: Closing Your Personal Values Gaps
  2. 2017 People Acuity:  People Acuity Insight Reports and C2B Growth Strategy and Assessment